Marcus 20 x 16 Oil on Canvas

Commissions Accepted

I was born with a passion for horses and for painting. Before I could write my name, I could draw horses. I’ve ridden all my life and have owned numerous horses. I’m familiar with the subtle differences between many breeds. I understand horse anatomy and I have a great appreciation of the personality of the horse. This is an animal I truly love.

Having extensive studio training with the human figure, I can paint the rider as well as the horse with equal facility. I have been fortunate to have studied with some of the finest artists and teachers in the world who have given me an excellent foundation from which I have created my own artistic voice. The nicest compliment I’ve ever received pertaining to my equine paintings was when I overheard a visitor at one of my exhibitions exclaim, “This horse not only looks real, it looks alive! You can see its soul!”

It will be my great pleasure to capture the soul of your darlings for you, be they equine or human, or both!